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No mess. No stress. We take the guesswork out of what to put into your morning smoothie! Blendtopia's ready to blend smoothie kits provide the highest quality, most nutrient-rich organic fruits and vegetables that are convenient, taste amazing and work wonders for your body. Functional nutrition and convenience that makes life healthier and easier are at the heart of our brand and our smoothie subscriptions. With free shipping on smoothie subscriptions, our nutritious smoothies are easy to get and easier to blend.

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Organic fruits and vegetables + ALL the delicious smoothie flavors - what's not to love?

Real organic fruits and vegetables - a match made in superfood heaven. Blendtopia's smoothie mixes are made with 100% certified organic flash frozen ingredients with no added sugar for maximum health benefits. Excite your taste buds with our nutritious smoothies powered by delicious ingredients like pineapple, mango, chocolate, cinnamon and avocado. Explore all of our frozen smoothie blends today to find the perfect smoothies for your taste.

Weekly or monthly smoothie subscriptions with free shipping.

Weekly or monthly, you'll get convenient, perfectly portioned, single serve smoothie packs full of delicious, nutrient-rich smoothie ingredients delivered straight to your door. As a subscriber, you'll always get free delivery so you can stay fueled and revive your clean eating lifestyle. Just grab a smoothie packet from the freezer, pop it in the blender with your favorite plant-based nut milk (or other fave liquid) and blend for an affordable, nutritious, and wildly delicious breakfast, lunch or anytime smoothie snack. Easily skip, cancel pause or change delivery dates at any time. We guarantee we have the best smoothie subscription boxes!

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Blendtopia's frozen single serving pre made smoothie subscriptions combine only the best organic ingredients from a regular daily harvest of fruits and vegetables and superfoods to create wildly delicious superfood smoothie blends with maximum health benefits. Quality, affordable meal replacement full of tasty blended goodness delivered to your door. Meet your new favorite smoothie blends:  

TASTES LIKE:  Bright and clean with a little cayenne kick!

DETOX  aims to purify your body while helping to raise alkalinity and support digestion. It’s also the perfect blend to kickstart clean eating.  

TASTES LIKE:  Lightly chocolate-dusted fresh blueberries

ENERGY provides immediate and sustainable energy while also acting as a natural pick-me-up. It’s a perfect blend of plant based protein, healthy fats and omegas that not only helps to provide balance but also increase vitality.

TASTES LIKE: A sweet tropical blend of pineapple + mango with a hint of green spinach

GLOW provides a range of nutrient rich ‘beauty’ food smoothie ingredients for healthier looking skin, hair and nails. It’s loaded with vitamin C, fats, and powerful antioxidants to help protect your body from the inside out.

TASTES LIKE: A rich strawberry banana medley with tart goji notes and creamy banana

IMMUNITY is a strawberry banana blend bursting with antioxidants that will help protect your body from the inside out. It boasts a wealth of high-density nutrients including vitamin C to help support your immune system.

TASTES LIKE: Creamy banana-avocado + nutty hemp hearts

STRENGTH is a nutrient packed green machine that helps deliver sustainable energy throughout the day. It’s a complete source of protein boasting essential amino acids, fiber and omegas and is rich in vitamin C.

TASTES LIKE: Refreshing cucumber lemon water spiked with ginger

KETO GREEN is a power-packed green machine that delivers a perfect balance of protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants and phytonutrients to power up and burn clean promoting heart health.

TASTES LIKE: Fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade

KETO BERRY is bursting with antioxidants that will help protect your body from the inside out. It boasts a wealth of essential nutrients including vitamin C and protein to help support your immune system.

TASTES LIKE: A green smoothie with a hint of mint

SUPERGREEN SMOOTHIE POPS come in a box of 6 and are made with cucumber, kale, spirulina, and mint. Each individual smoothie pop includes 2 billion cfus per pop.

TASTES LIKE: A sweet, tangy, tropical mango smoothie.

SUPERMANGO SMOOTHIE POPS come in a box of 6 and are made with mangos, turmeric, lemon and pineapple, and are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Each individual smoothie pop includes 2 billion cfus per pop.

TASTES LIKE: Your favorite acai bowl with a burst of strawberry

SUPERBERRY SMOOTHIE POPS come in a box of 6 and are made with strawberries, acai berries, beets, and lemon and are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Each individual smoothie pop includes 2 billion cfus per pop.

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Your box determines how many pre made smoothies you'll receive and pricing is based per smoothie depending on box size.  

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Choose your favorite smoothie kits packed with fruits, vegetables and superfoods or choose a pre-built variety box of flash frozen smoothies.

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Start a weekly or monthly smoothie subscription box to get free shipping, not to mention the ongoing health benefits of plant-based ingredients.


Only the best smoothie ingredients: 100% organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods are at the core of our pre-made plant-based healthy smoothie subscription service. Founder Tiffany Taylor, a certified raw food and holistic nutritionist, discovered early on that the key to healthy living is whole food nutrition. What started out as a personal lifestyle choice, blossomed into a passionate idea and took shape as a flourishing smoothie company.

"Your health and well-being begins with the simple choices you make with what you put into your body. My hope is that we can inspire you to begin healthy habits that will last a lifetime."


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Loving Low Carb Smoothies

There is no denying it, cutting back on carbs is difficult. For those who are new to low carb dieting, deciding what can and cannot be eaten at meals is not only hard but extremely intimidating. Learn how to mix sweet smoothie bowls for a low carb meal heavy on greens and veggies.  

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Weight Loss Smoothie Subscription

Are green smoothies healthy and good for weight loss? Short answer: Yes AND no. Long answer: It all depends on the smoothie ingredients you use in your cup. Learn how to ensure your smoothie cups meet your goals and save tons of prep time. Focus on healthy eating!

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The Best Keto Smoothie Recipes

You might think the keto diet means you can’t enjoy your morning smoothies anymore. Contains too many carbs and too much fruit and sweet juice, right? WRONG! Add protein powders and seeds for a boost to your new favoirty smoothie subscription box!  

People are LOVING their smoothies and pops!


With frozen ingredients like fruits, vegetables and superfoods in our smoothie subscription boxes, Blendtopia's frozen smoothie pouches deliver on the benefits of functional nutrition and clean convenience on the go with no added sugars and taste delicious. If you're not looking for smoothie delivery services, find a store in your local area (price and availability will vary). Save time by always keeping a few smoothie kits on hand in the freezer and you'll be minutes away from a quick and easy, nutrient-rich healthy meal replacement.

And remember to tag us in your Blendtopia smoothie cup or smoothie bowl. Don't forget to rate us as one of the best smoothie delivery services!

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