5 Reasons To Mix Up Your Workout Routine

There are so many reasons why you should mix up your workout routine and it’s probably easier than you think. The first sign that it’s time to switch things up is when you stop feeling or seeing the results that you once saw. If you are feeling this way, you’re definitely not alone!

Here are a few more reasons to switch things up.

Your Goals Change

Setting goals is an important step for motivation in all aspects of life. Work, our social life, our personal life and even our fitness routines have goals! The thing is, goals change. We focus all of our determination on accomplishing a goal and once it’s crossed off the list, we move on to the next thing. This goes for our workout routines too. For example, say the goal started out as training for a half marathon. You trained hard, kicked butt and finished strong. Now what? Maybe you want to start working on your flexibility? Hence, time to start your next goal. The beauty of changing your fitness goal is that it allows you to build new muscles and work your body in new and different ways.


You Might Be Under Doing It or Over Doing It

These two reasons really go hand in hand with one another. First off, if your workout feels like it’s no longer challenging, you may be entering the plateau phase. The plateau phase is when your workout starts becoming ineffective. You may still be burning calories but you aren’t pushing yourself to gain the maximum results of your workout anymore.

This is the main reason why a personal trainer will push you each session by upping your amount of reps, etc. By pushing yourself before you get too comfortable, you’ll always maximize your results. If your workout is no longer challenging, you’re probably bored with it and if you’re bored with it, what’s fueling your motivation?

Secondly, if you’re feeling more tired and sore than before in your workout, you may be burning yourself out. When exploring new fitness goals, it’s totally normal to feel a little sore the first few days. Especially if you’re a bit out of shape or working new muscles. However, if you’re feeling a complete lack of energy the next day or your muscles are continuously sore, you’re probably overdoing it.

Your muscles need variation in that way, they need time to repair in between workouts. It’s really important to know your body and understand when it’s telling you it’s overused. We become inpatient with our results at times but the downfall is how much time it takes to heal an injury caused by overuse. It’s just not worth it.

It Keeps Your Brain Healthy

Did you know mixing up your workout affects the health of your brain? To get through our busy schedules every day, we make routines. They’re what help us power through, right? Yes, and no. Routines are good as long as you don’t fall into a rut. The important thing to remember is to switch things up to keep variety. Following the same routine day after day will not stimulate your mind. Specifically, it will not stimulate your hippocampus, which is the part of your brain most responsible for memory. Switching up your workout routine will actually help your memory improve. Seriously, how east is that?


You Meet New People

Changing up your workout routine is a great way to make new friends! Have you always wanted to try a hot yoga class? By swapping your normal class for a new one, you’ll more than likely meet new people. Sign up for a kickball team, soccer team, volleyball, whatever appeals to you. If joining a league sounds too intimidating, look for pick-up sports at your local park. A great way to find pick-up games is by going on Facebook and searching for groups in your area for the sport you want to play. Don’t be shy, get yourself out there!


It Inspires You

Routines and repetition sometimes takes the luster out of our workouts. When that happens it becomes easier to stop working as hard or continuing a workout altogether. Mixing things up creates excitement and inspiration that keeps us engaged and looking forward to our next work out. If you feel that you are losing the excitement you once felt from your workout, switch it up!

Let us know how you like to mix up your workout routine and what works for you, we love hearing from you.