CBD to Help You Rock Your Workout

Now, I haven’t always loved working out. I used to hate sweating, hate not being able to breathe, but most of all…I HATE sore muscles. Seriously…you mean I’m going to work out + be miserable for 30-60 minutes, and THEN be sore for a day? No thanks!

That’s where CBD comes in!

CBD has changed the way I think about working out (and sleeping, and stress relief) but that’s another story and trust me, now is the time to see if adding CBD to your workout routine works for you.

But what exactly is CBD, and how can it help with your workout? Don’t worry, I’m going to go over all of that with you.

What is CBD?

cannabis: A deeper dive into this super herb

CBD, or cannabidiol, is technically a chemical component we get from industrial hemp – cannabis. We’ve talked about cannabis, the super herb, before, but today we’re just going to be talking about CBD, a piece of the cannabis plant.

A safe, natural extract of cannabis, CBD has incredible benefits and uses that we’re still discovering, because of its status as a cannabinoid. Cannabidiol, or what we think of as ‘CBD’ is actually just one piece of the cannabis chemical puzzle. The most interesting piece is this: cannabinoids, like CBD, are actually produced naturally BY YOUR OWN BODY already! That’s right, this chemical piece of the cannabis plant is actually incredibly similar to cannabinoids produced naturally by human bodies.

Yes, you did read that correctly! Your body actually makes its own cannabinoids. But let’s take that a little further. There are two different types of cannabinoids – those made naturally in our own body, and those made by plants (like cannabis).

  • Endocannabinoids are the type of cannabinoids that occur naturally in your own body.
  • Phytocannabinoids come from plants, including cannabis.

Both types of cannabinoids interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system (which we talked about in more detail here) to help maintain full-body balance. This is where CBD comes in – CBD is a cannabinoid found in hemp plants, and can help boost the functioning of your body’s own systems.

All the different kinds of CBD – Explained

CBD comes in all different kinds of forms on the market today. Here are some of the most common products you’ll find:

The type of CBD product that is right for you depends on your individual body. Do you have local muscle tension? Then a topical product will help hit that exact spot. If you have chronic pain, however, an ingestible tincture or softgel might help you get overall relief.

PS, you can totally add a few drops of your CBD tincture to your morning superfood smoothie or cup of coffee to add a healthy boost to your breakfast (or any time of day). There are even some great cookbooks if you want to try cooking with CBD at home!

You’re probably wondering… will CBD get me high?

The short answer is NO – CBD will NOT give you the famous “high” feeling the cannabis plant is famous for. The reason for that is simple: CBD is sourced from the male cannabis plant, or hemp, which contains only trace amounts of TCH which gives you the well-known “high” feeling. This is good news for fitness buffs because that famous feeling isn’t exactly known for getting you off the couch!

Using CBD to supercharge your workout

blendtopia CBD for workouts

So how do you use CBD to boost your workout? There are so many ways! One of the most famous and widely-known uses for CBD is pain management, and working out can often lead to sore muscles, strains, fatigue, and more. CBD can help!

CBD can help with chronic pain

Chronic pain can be a major workout killer! It’s hard to get off the couch when you KNOW it’s going to hurt, amirite? This is where CBD can be helpful. Using CBD on a regular basis, as a tincture, has been shown to dramatically help with chronic pain in some people. Less chronic pain means more mobility, and more mobility means your workouts are easier and more fun.

Try CBD instead of popping ibuprophen

While ibuprofen does help with pain (thank you science!) it actually can have some side effects like nausea and sleepiness, plus overuse can damage your liver. CBD offers a natural way to combat pre or post-workout pain on-the-go. A CBD balm rubbed into sore muscles can be as effective as popping a few pills.

Take CBD to help you rest while recovering

CBD for working out

Studies do show that CBD can have some anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with regular, deep sleep, a key part of workout recovery. Try taking a CBD gummy after an especially difficult workout to help with your recovery routine, help with full-body relaxation, help work out the kinks, and help ignore the pain.

And of course, be sure to talk to your doctor before adding CBD to your routine if pre-existing medical conditions. CBD is a natural and safe way to help you rock your workout, but as with anything, let your doctor know.

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