How To Live Fitness Forward

Living life fitness forward. Let’s stop to think about what that means. We all know it’s important to live a healthy, well-balanced life incorporating eating nutritiously, getting good sleep, exercising on a regularly basis, and carving out time for self-care. But what if we put fitness as close to the top of the priority list as possible?!

Fact: We’re busier than EVER these days but we’re also becoming more clever about how we manage our time, allowing us to focus on the things that matter most.

There are endless ways to incorporate fitness into our lives more regularly and having a gym membership is certainly NOT a requirement. It’s all about shaping habits and living with intention to focus on staying healthy and well-rounded with a fitness-focused mindset.

In today’s post we share our TOP tips on how to live balanced and fitness forward.


Set Your Intentions

Step one, look within and ask yourself what you’d like to get out of living more fitness forward and what that might ultimately look like for you. It may be as simple as deciding that you’re going to work out at least 20 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week. Or, maybe you’re already doing that and you want to amp things up a bit. It’s all about deciding what will ultimately work best for you and finding strategies for keeping it going. Consider getting a fitness journal or maybe finding a great fitness app you can use to help with setting goals and intentions.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

Think about your ultimate goal and then translate that to what you think is realistic and achievable on a weekly basis. Know that you can always add to it but setting the expectations too high can often result in burnout.

It’s great to set milestones. Maybe every two or three months? And within the calendar year, maybe you have a couple of fitness events that you participate in like a 5k, half marathon, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, yoga retreat, or anything that gives you a goal to work toward.

But on a weekly basis, just keep the motivation going by thinking in smaller chunks of time in terms of your goals. Keep things simple but keep it fun.


Carve Out Time

It’s easier to find time to incorporate fitness into your life when you love what you’re doing. Think about what motivates you ~ hiking, running, stretching, cycling, yoga, etc and do your best to carve out time in your weekly routine. Remember to mix things up. Try to avoid the same routine week after week to keep thing fun, interesting and certainly more motivating.

Find A Motivating Partner

Two is always better than one and having a fitness partner will help keep the motivation going which is key. Find someone that has similar fitness and nutrition goals and make it a weekly date. Motivate each other, act as a team and even consider signing up for events together to keep that motivation going.


Make It Fun

Introduce more play into your fitness forward mindset. Keep things fun and motivating by doing things outside of your norm. Get outdoors more, join a local rec team, download a new dance app on your phone, whatever gets you moving and grooving! The key is to keep it fun and real so that you’ll keep coming back for more. Remember when we were kids and exercise didn’t feel like exercise because it was fun?! That’s what we want. We want to find things we love to do so much that we don’t want to miss out week after week. You’ll find you crave it and want to keep it going so find what works and keep it going!


In a nutshell, that’s living life fitness forward. It’s really all about setting your goals and expectations and sticking to your guns. The benefits of living a more fitness-oriented lifestyle are endless but what’s most important is that you feel great about yourself. Remember, you will need to be fluid and flexible. Some weeks may look different from others but the fact that you’re shaping new habits and creating a healthier, happier mindset is what it’s all about.

So go forth my friends. Enlist a friend to take an afternoon hike with you and maybe make it a weekly occurrence. Invite a friend to evening yoga and if you’re feeling it, keep that going. And why not go to the bedroom for a 10 minute evening mediation after dinner? There are ton of great apps you can use or you can simply channel your own mantra. The point is, the possibilities of living fitness forward are endless. Go get ’em!