Keto Meal Replacement Smoothies and Shakes

One of the biggest barriers that people face when it comes to getting healthy is time. With a busy job, a family to care for, or friends to spend time with, following a diet and exercise program can fall by the wayside. 

That's why so many people turn to the convenience of keto meal replacement shakes, smoothies, and prepared meals that fit with their health goals. A Keto meal replacement shake is no exception.

keto meal replacement shake with protein powder and unsweetened almond milk

In 2020, the keto diet was one of the most popular diets in America for weight loss. Some research shows that the diet may also have a positive impact on Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer. 

If you're looking for an easy way to stick to the parameters of the keto meal plan, keto meal replacement smoothies are a solution that works for many people.

So how does it work and what do I need to know to make a keto meal replacement shake? Keep reading to find out more.  

keto meal replacement shake with protein powder and unsweetened almond milk

How Does Keto Work?

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat meal plan that keeps your body in ketosis by lowering blood sugar. In this state, your body burns fat more effectively, and your liver can turn ketones into brain energy. 

There are a few ways the low carb diet works with the standard method focusing on restricting net carbs and replacing them with fat and enough protein. The standard ratio is 70 percent of calories from fat, 25 percent from protein, and only 5 percent from net carbs. 

In some cases, people cycle the diet, following the above ratio five days of the week and eating more carbs on the other two days. Others increase their carb intake along with more exercise. Some people eat more protein daily.

However you follow the keto diet, adding the convenience of keto meal replacement smoothies and keto meal replacement shakes can help you adhere to the nutrient ratios while also reaching your weight loss goals. 

This is often more practical than preparing your own meals, which can be time-consuming, and for busy people, it could even be the catalyst that makes the diet too hard to stick with. 

Include plenty of exercise in your program as well. This boosts metabolism, burns calories, builds strength and endurance, and improves your mood. 

Keto Meal Replacement Shake Options

You have two options when it comes to keto meal replacement shakes - you can use keto recipes and blend your own smoothies or shakes. Or you can purchase pre-made versions of a keto shake recipe.

In either case, the meal replacement option you choose adheres to the nutrient ratio and helps take the guesswork out of sticking with the diet. 

Unlike the smoothies you see as part of other diet plans, the keto versions focus less on fruit. That's because fruit is high in carbs, which makes many of them off-limits as part of the diet restrictions. A keto smoothie is going to naturally also be a low carb smoothie.  

Instead, they are heavy on greens, though some do contain low-sugar fruit. You'll also find no-carb sweeteners and protein powder in many of them. Protein powder is critical to get the macro-nutrients to the needed levels.

Flaxseed, coconut oil, nuts, avocado, chia seeds, coconut milk, protein powder, almond butter and yogurt are other ingredients that might appear in your keto smoothie. Keto-approved fruits include strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. 

If you decide to buy pre-made keto meal replacement shakes, the balancing of nutrients is already done for you. Make sure you investigate the grams of fat, grams of protein and grams of net carbs in any smoothie you're considering.  You likely will need to add additional protein powder.  

Finding these on-the-go meal replacements isn't always easy, which is why Blendtopia offers delicious options for those living the keto lifestyle. 

Keep in mind that you won't replace every meal with a keto shake or keto smoothie. You'll still need to eat meals made with whole foods throughout the day as well while managing your net carbs. Also read:  Low Carb Smoothie Love

Keto Diet Benefits

There are many keto diet benefits that you can take advantage of and that's true when you use meal replacement options and when you don't. 

One of the primary benefits is weight loss. Because a large percentage of your daily calories come in the form of fat, you will notice that your appetite is satisfied for longer periods of time, reducing the risk of overeating. 

At the same time, going keto may help boost metabolism. That means your body burns more calories, even at rest. 

Because keto helps control blood sugar, it might also help improve your acne. The reduction of bad bacteria in your gut that comes with cutting carbs and sugar can also help clean up skin issues. 

Provided you're choosing healthy fats as part of your keto diet; the meal plan also has the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain kinds of cancer, dementia, and seizures. 


Benefits of Keto Meal Replacement Shakes and Smoothies

When you choose complete meal replacement options, you have some added benefits to those listed above. The best is the convenience that meal replacement shakes, and smoothies have to offer. 

They take the guesswork out of getting the fat, net carbs, and protein ratio right when you have a meal. They're great for busy people who need a meal replacement option but don't have the time to prepare something. Keep a close eye on the ingredients, most meal replacement shakes will have added sugar and will not be keto friendly, so stay vigilant.  

Even if you choose to make your own delicious shake that'll fit your macros, the amount of time required is much less than cooking a traditional meal. That makes them ideal for busy mornings and quick lunches during the workday. 

At the same time, keto meal replacement shakes and smoothies are generally high in nutrients and low in sugar. Because they are heavy on greens and certain fruits, you get a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Choosing the Keto Diet

If your goal is to lose weight, the keto diet might be right for you, but it's a good idea to talk it over with your doctor first to be sure it aligns with your current health, especially if you have any health conditions or take medications. Any nutrition plan should be discussed with your doctor.  

Adding keto meal replacement shakes and smoothies to your routine is a simple way to stay on track, even when your busy life gets in the way. 

Browse our subscription boxes for everyday maintenance or choose a smoothie for a quick reset. 

Blendtopia keto smoothies and unsweetened almond milk

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keto shake recipe with coconut cream and full fat coconut milk

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keto shake recipe with coconut milk and almond milk and coconut cream

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keto shake recipe with coconut milk powder and nut butter and heavy whipping cream

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