Yoga – Here’s Why You Want to Hit the Mat

Did you know that over 200 million people worldwide wake up every day and hit the mat?With so many joining in on the same activity, it makes you wonder what all the fuss is about? In today’s post, we discuss the amazing benefits of yoga and why you should be hitting the mat as often as possible.

Why To Practice

If you ask anyone why they practice yoga, answers will surely differ. For some, yoga strengthens their body and mind. For others, it’s an outlet to help bring a sense of call into their lives. It’s a way to unite the mental and physical, to reduce stress, to ease anxiety, to increase flexibility and create a closer relationship with your body.


Yoga can be practiced at any age and any level. If you fear that you can’t move the way you once did, fear not. It’s amazing how you can train your body to move the way you want it to and improve flexibility. And in the process, you’ll strengthen your concentration and improve your brain function.

Other Benefits To Yoga

Yoga also has the ability to lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, improve lung capacity, improve your sense of balance and even improve sexual functions in women. Aside from the amazing benefits yoga has on our body, it also has equal benefits for the mind and soul.

Yoga is a personal journey and a way to bring oneself closer to the truth within. What does that mean exactly? Well, it can have a different meaning to each individual. Understanding how your body moves, how to let go, how to control your movements and your breath, and how to better yourself are key components. All of these components help to strengthen your mind, body and soul in a way that no other form of exercise has ever been able to do.


How Your Practice Will Evolve

Most of us will start with a purpose or goal of why we are practicing but as we develop our skills, the meaning of yoga will change to us. It’s essential for humans to change and evolve and having an outlet that adapts and grows with us might be the closest we come to a perfect relationship between our mind and body.

Finding The Right Yoga Practice

Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and there are MANY different styles. If you’ve tried a class before and it wasn’t for you, it may be that the type of yoga class you took just wasn’t your cup of tea.

Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Kundalini, AcroYoga and Restorative only scratch the surface so do a little research and try a few classes to see what works for you! This link touches on a few of the styles mentioned above. And remember, styles vary as do teachers so keep an open mind and just explore your options. Your body will thank you and give back to you in the long run.

Share with us why you hit the mat and how it has changed you life. We love hearing from you.