10 Simple Feng Shui Updates You Can Make Today

We’ve all heard of feng shui, but could feng shui-ing your home or apartment REALLY improve your life? Well the answer might surprise you!

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art, based on the idea that humans are naturally linked to our environments. Which means what you choose to bring into your space and the ways you choose to decorate affect the flow of energy (or chi) in your home. If this energy isn’t managed properly, it can impact your health and happiness.

While all that might sound complicated and daunting, I promise it’s not! All it takes are a few small tweaks to get the chi in your home flowing and create a more peaceful, calming atmosphere.


Start by purging.

The best way to get started enhancing the feng shui in your home is to purge your space of anything attracting negative energy. Clutter, old or unused or unloved items, things that just take up valuable space and brain space – get rid of them! As Marie Condo would say “if it doesn’t bring you joy, thank it for its place in your life and let it go.” This is the time to get rid of those jeans that don’t fit you, clear out that overflowing clutter drawer and donate that old chair in the garage.


Add plants!

In today’s modern world, it’s actually easy to live in an apartment or condo in urban areas where there is no greenery at all. This lack of nature can be hazardous to your holistic mental and physical health. Add potted plants to your living space to help bring vibrant positive energy in and around your home. Especially in the entryway, where the sight of plants when entering and leaving your house reminds you of the peace and tranquility of nature (and reminds you to water them!).


Get a dog (or a cat)

One step up from plants, try filling your home with living things. Pets help move energy around your home, and absorb negative vibes, and they also boost your mental health and emotional well-being. There are many shelters nationwide filled with sweet, loving animals looking for forever homes.


Let there be light!

Light is an energy activator. Dark corners and areas where it gets gloomy are thought to signify neglected parts of your life, and can draw or enhance negative energy. Instead, fill your home with light! Have enough sources of light to light up your entire space, and for best movement of energy have a mix of sizes and intensities in your lighting.


Decorate with mirrors carefully

Mirrors are believed to activate the energy in a room, so choose where you place them wisely. Two of the best places to hang mirrors are your dining room and living room, where they are thought to enhance positive energy and increase wealth. But avoid mirrors in the kitchen or behind a sofa or bed. Mirrors in a kitchen – especially facing the stove – are thought to enhance negative energy. Mirrors in your bedroom can cause insomnia due to their energy-enhancing properties.


De-clutter your countertops.

To open up your kitchen space and inspire more energy and movement, having clear countertops are a must. Put any appliances you don’t regularly use underneath in cabinets or in your pantry, out of sight. Edit out utensils and appliances you never use for better energy flow, and streamline your fridge by getting rid of extras that you simply don’t need.


Avoid sharp or heavy objects in your line of sight.

To make your space feel lighter (and safer), try ridding your kitchen space of sharp objects, or placing them out of sight. Store knives in a knife block or organized drawer, and make a home for large pots and pans in cabinets instead of dangling overhead. Pro tip: copper pots and pans attract positive chi!


Reconsider where you put your bed.

Avoid putting your bed against a wall adjacent to the bathroom or the kitchen – doing so is believed to negatively affect health. Instead, place your bed by using the principle of the commanding position; your bed should be laid out so that when you’re laying in it, you can see the door to the bedroom, and diagonal from the door if possible.

Hide your electronics

It’s no secret that electronics aren’t great for your mental health (I say as I check my phone for new emails/instagram alerts…) but feng shui takes this to the next level. If you want the best night’s sleep possible, cover your TV, unplug and hide your laptops and cell phones and keep them off your nightstands. This keeps them from attracting strong or negative energy which can disturb your circadian rhythms. If you’re REALLY serious, leave your devices in another room altogether.


Try soothing colors for a peaceful home

Strong colors like black and red are activator colors, or colors that can amp up your nervous system and make for a high-stress environment. Choose earthy tones in any room where you want to achieve a relaxing, peaceful vibe.

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