10 Tips From Amazing + Inspiring Women #empowerment

Talk about inspiring, Amanda Gorman stole the show at the inauguration with her powerful and inspiring poetic speech called ‘The Hill We Climb‘. Born in Los Angeles to a hard-working single mom, Amanda knew she had raw talent but wasn’t sure where her path was taking her, she just knew she loved poetry. She was smart. She was driven. She had things to say and she wanted people to listen. Her passion and determination were and continue to be the driving force that is allowing her dreams to unfold. Studying at Harvard, starting a non-profit and now being crowned the first National Youth Poet Laureate. People are listening now Amanda!

10 Tips To Help Push The Needle For Female Empowerment

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing 10 tips from inspiring women around the world. Women’s empowerment is the path to change. It’s truly inspiring to this transformation taking place and the harder we push, the larger the stage. Come one, come all.

1. Know Yourself

In some ways, it may seem counterintuitive to have to learn to know yourself. Surely that should be a given, right? Not necessarily. While our experiences clearly help to shape us, it doesn’t mean that we know exactly who we are or what we ultimately want from life.

Knowing yourself goes way beyond what you do or who you are. Knowing yourself means understanding your strengths and your weaknesses. Understanding your passions. And understanding the fundamentals of what makes you YOU. Do you work best by yourself or on a team? Do you communicate well? Are you organized? Are you a leader? 

Remember this… be yourself and you’ll attract authentic relationships into your life.

2. Find Your Tribe

Choosing to surround yourself only with supportive and respectful people who treat you as an equal is something you always have control over, and ensures that you have an environment that’s conducive to feeling empowered. It’s important to always be around positive people that pick you up because negative people can drain your energy and nobody needs to waste their time being drained!

There’s also nothing more empowering than having a great support system to turn to when you feel down. Let’s face it, even the most powerful women have bad days, and we need positive people to lean on sometimes.

3. Never Stop Learning

Taking the initiative to teach yourself something new is one of the most empowering things you can do. Read books, go to the library or a bookstore, join a book club, or do research on the Internet. Why not sign up for a class that interests you? It can be as simple as cooking or as complex as physics. The point is to explore an area you have never explored before. Look for weekend workshops (TONS of online workshops right now). A smart woman is an empowered woman.

4. Be Independent

When was the last time you left your house without your cell phone? Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had dinner all alone with just your awesome self for company? Being comfortable with who you are, and knowing that you are strong enough to face any situation on your own, is an empowering feeling. It doesn’t matter whether you have a partner or not. Enjoying YOU time energizes your spirit in countless ways. Don’t let not having a partner or special someone to share things with stop you from doing everything you want to do. Treat yourself to a movie or a weekend getaway for one.

Make it a goal to try something new that you wouldn’t normally do alone. While you’re out there living it up you’ll be building confidence and increasing your chances of knowing yourself better.

5. Dream BIG

Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams. No dream is too big or unobtainable. An empowered woman knows that she can accomplish anything she sets out to do, it is simply a matter of perseverance, believing in yourself, and following your heart. If you truly believe in your dreams you can make them happen. But in order to do this you must try. Consider making a vision board to illustrate and remind yourself of all the goals you’d like to accomplish. Listen to your heart. It was put there to empower you!

6. Empower Others

Empowered women empower and support other women. It’s our duty and our right. It’s essential for us to stand together and empower each other. Even just finding our voice and telling our stories can be enough to empower someone. Hearing your story can inspire hope and strength in someone else so speak from the heart and always authentically.

Encourage other women to strive for what they want. Lift them up and help them to discover their full potential. When you help others, you’re also helping yourself.

7. Give Back

Give back to the community in any way you can and you will be rewarded in more ways than you know. Try volunteering one day a week for a program you really believe in. Find a charity you want to support, help with events around the holidays, or organize your own community program. Volunteering is not the only way to get involved with your community. Watching your neighbor’s kids or helping a friend in need is just as big a contribution.

Giving back does not have to be a grand gesture. Even simple acts of kindness throughout your day speak volumes. Saying good morning with a smile, paying it forward with a coffee for the lady behind you, leaving an extra tip for your sweet waitress, etc. Remember, spreading good vibes and positivity is giving back too!

8. Make YOU Priority #1

Probably the easiest way to start taking care of yourself is exercising that power of choice you have and choosing healthy lifestyle habits, like sleeping enough, eating healthy, exercising, and passing on toxic things that don’t suite you. Healthy women tend to be confident women, women who love, and respect themselves enough to value their mind and body and take care of them.

When you’re physically healthy, your mind tends to be clearer and your emotions better balanced. And if you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically stable, you have more energy and positivity, helping you to work longer and more efficiently towards your goals.

9. Learn To Say NO

Have you ever found yourself making plans that you are already dreading, to be polite? Say no! Be assertive! Why should you do something you don’t want to do for mere appearances? Ever find yourself stretching yourself thin and committing to help out a million people just because you’re afraid of what people might think if you didn’t? It’s time to stop!

Putting yourself first is a form of self-love and self-respect, which are both vital to empowering yourself. That’s not to say you need to be a self-centered selfish person who only does things for themselves, it’s just to say you come first. Helping others is second. If helping others is causing too much stress in your life and hurting you, then it’s not worth it and that’s ok. Feel confident saying no to things that interfere with your goals, happiness, and well-being.

10. Think Positive, Empowering Thoughts

To be empowered, you have to think empowered. This tip is all about recognizing and catching negative thoughts when (or before) they happen and making a conscious effort to replace them with positive ones. Your mind is a powerful tool, and believing you are powerful is being POWERFUL.

It’s all about choosing to shift your thought patterns and beliefs to positive ones. This is easier said than done and can take practice, but it all begins with having awareness of your thoughts and swapping out negative ones that don’t serve you with positive ones. You are your number one supporter, so it’s important to stay optimistic and believe in yourself.

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