3 Ways to Live Clean & Natural

Think CLEAN as you begin to think about a fresh start to 2017. If you’re the type of person that needs to set new year’s resolutions or short term goals, go for it, but ideally we encourage you to shift your mindset and think of this as a long term movement as you enter into a new year! Making changes in your nutrition, bath & body products and household cleaners is the first step to living cleaner and greener in 2017!


Clean eating has become a popular lifestyle and is a good place to start on your journey to clean living. Don’t let the name discourage you – if you’re new to clean eating, it doesn’t  mean you have been eating dirty all these years. Clean eating is simply striving to eat whole, real foods – fruits, vegetables, plant-based proteins, whole-grains, nuts, seeds, grass-fed dairy & meats, free-range poultry, pasture-raised eggs, wild-caught fish and clean, healthy oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, etc. You’ll also want to strive to eat minimally processed, non-GMO, organic and antibiotic-free foods.

Clean eating is a combination of what you are fueling your body with and what is better for the environment. Clean eating (organics) can certainly be more expensive but making some adjustments to your meal plans can help trim the cost.


Nuts and avocados are both an amazing source of healthy omega 3 and 6 fats that are essential to our diet. If you normally get your omegas from organic cold-pressed virgin oils, use a little less oils to trim costs and add a little more avocados and nuts to your diet. You’ll also get extra phytonutrients (vitamins and minerals) from the avocados – bonus!

Another idea is to eat vegetarian or vegan 2-3 times per week to help trim the budget when transitioning to clean eating. You’ll be cutting the cost of purchasing higher quality, antibiotic-free meats several times within a week.

Fun Fact – According to the Organic Trade Association, organic farming uses 50% less energy than conventional farming methods. By taking a new approach to what you’re fueling your body with, you are already making a huge step to a cleaner healthier life!

Bath & Body

So we just talked about cleaning up the “fuel” that we put into our bodies but what about what we are put on our bodies? It’s the same idea, although you should be selective in what natural bath and body products you’re using.

Using natural products doesn’t necessarily mean it will be better for your skin. If you’re buying natural products to avoid breakouts or allergic reactions, you might be disappointed. The reason being that labels can often be misleading. Natural labeled products can still contain harsh or harmful chemicals. The government has yet to defined the term natural which means there are currently no regulations on what can or cannot be added to a product to deem it natural.


So for now, do a little research when selecting your natural bath and body products and strive to find ones that specify that they’re produced responsibly. If you love bar soaps, look for ones that use organic, non-GMO ingredients or that specify that their ingredients are humanely and sustainably managed. Remember, a clean lifestyle is not just for our ourselves but also for the world we live in.

Household Cleaners

The third step in living clean and natural is to take a look at your household cleaners. Green household cleaners have blown up today and for good reason. Many ‘green’ cleaners are made from recycled materials and use ingredients that are biodegradable, ethically obtained and natural alternatives to harmful chemicals.

Going back to bath and body products for a second… maybe you have tried body products that used natural essential oils yet they did not have a positive reaction to sensitive parts of your skin. Don’t cross them off your list completely if you’ve had a negative experience with them. Many green cleaners use essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. Essential oils in cleaning products are safe and actually very beneficial. The essential oils contain amazing antimicrobial properties that may have been too harsh for your sensitive skin but are just what you need when cleaning you home.


You can certainly spend a lot of money on clean products for the home but you can also make them yourself and wind up saving a LOT of money! Try making your own laundry detergent or multi-purpose cleaner instead. You’ll have to spend some money initially to buy your ingredients but they will last you longer and allow you to spend less in the long run. Click here for a great natural homemade multipurpose cleaner recipe from DIYNatural!

Try making the shift to a cleaner lifestyle this year by making some of these changes to your current lifestyle. We only have one body and one Earth – jump into 2017 with a cleaner, greener mindset to keep them both healthy and harmonious!