How To Stay Balanced During The Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, it’s so easy for your normal lifestyle habits to get thrown off balance. The holidays can seem like an inevitable time to overindulge when it comes to your health choices, but they don’t really have to be. This week we’ve put together our best tips to help you enjoy the season merrily and healthy!


Tip #1: Watch Your Portions

Portion control is SO important during the holidays. Holiday foods can be rich making moderation key. Do let yourself indulge and enjoy meals, just remember to keep them as balanced as you possibly can. A great way to avoid too may sweets is to store baked goods out of sight – leaving them on the kitchen countertop makes it twice as easy for you to overindulge.

Tip #2: Get Your Rest

The holidays are easily the most hectic time of the year so it’s easy to skip some sleep here and there in order to fit everything in. Try to maintain (as best you can) a healthy balance with your sleep patterns.  In fact, if there’s one thing you do this holiday season to take care of yourself and reduce stress, make it getting enough sleep!

Studies show that when people get less than four hours of sleep a night their cravings for foods that are high in fat increases. These people also consume about 500 calories more per day on average than those who do get the sleep they need every night. While that might not seem like much, it only takes 3500 extra calories to gain a pound.

Tip #3: Stay Hydrated 

Staying hydrated with lots of water is extremely important during the holidays for a couple of reasons. The first being that it helps you stay full. It’s no myth that sometimes when we think we feel hungry, our bodies are simply trying to tell us it needs water. Secondly, we tend to drink more alcohol over the holidays. This one is huge! Thanksgiving eve, Thanksgiving day, the endless number of upcoming holiday parties and family gatherings – all these social occasions tend to drive more alcohol consumption. Our best advice, one that we cannot stress enough, is to drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.

Tip #4: Maintain Exercise

Try not to make excuses from your normal routine for reasons relating to preparations for the holidays. Remember to keep that balance and push yourself. It will help you stay sane during the stress that can come with the season. If you live in a climate with four seasons, try not to let the cold weather hold you back. Embrace it and find new ways to enjoy what the winter season has to offer. From cross-country skiing to ice skating with your family, the possibilities are endless!


Tip #5: Adapt Holiday Meals

Okay, we know that the holidays are the one time of year you get to bust out your grandmother’s classic recipes. It’s definitely okay to make them too, the key is to keep the balance of what you normally eat and what you are indulging in. Making simple ingredient substitutions can make a HUGE difference while still keeping the family happy. Be inspired to try new recipes too! It’s amazing what flavors you can still achieve without sacrificing your normal diet.

The holidays are a time for sharing thanks and love with family and friends. Enjoy them by letting yourself indulge the right way. Just remember to keep the balance of your lifestyle during these happy times to keep you feeling merry and bright!

Share with us some of the ways you stay balanced during the holidays, we love hearing from you.