Living Truthfully

Close your eyes and breath. Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E.

It’s the simplest of things to do but in that moment nothing else matters. You’re actively breathing new life into your body and fueling the energies within. Maybe you only take a few seconds or maybe you take a nice long meditation but that time is yours and only yours. It’s power, it’s medicine, it’s empowerment for your soul and it feels incredible.

A new year is here and a new movement awakens. No matter who you are, where you come from, what your sex or race, you and you alone define who you are as a person. Awaken that spirit within that strengthens and guides you. Don’t be afraid to let go and follow your heart.

The Art of Truthful Living

What does that mean? It’s simple. We live our lives truthfully and defined on our own terms. We’re self aware, we’re empowered and we stand up for our actions and beliefs.

In today’s post we share some tips for speaking your truth with love and respect. We also share tips for speaking truth within your professional life, and share a journal exercise to help you define and discover your truth.


“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we
all have.” ~ Oprah

Be truthful with yourself.

Resolve to be gentle and loving as you admit any truths to yourself. This is not the time to blame or shame. Face this truth with courageous self-love, and by doing this it will be much easier to take the necessary steps to get things back on track or face a situation head on. Remember, you’re in control.

Have a support system.

Believing in yourself and having someone to share you truths with is essential. A friend, a family member, a medical professional, someone who will listen to you and empower you. Someone you can truly trust who sees you for who you are and believes in you. If speaking your feelings, experiences and ultimately your truths is outside of your comfort zone and you’re use to keeping things to yourself then make a change today. It’s essential and the sooner you make this change the better.



Truth-telling will cause change.

We as humans usually resist change and truth-telling initiates it. Remind yourself that change is good, it’s an essential part of life. But remember, your truth-telling will likely cause some disruption. Yes, this will be hard but in the long run it will be good. Depending on your truth, the change may be monumental or it may simply spark a shift within you, perhaps the most powerful change of all.

Living truthfully through journaling.

Time to strip it down and dig deep. This is a place to let your thoughts and emotions flow freely. Journaling will help you to channel your energy and get to a better understanding of your truths within. Journaling on a regular basis helps to balance your emotional stress and allows you to put things into perspective. Try to journal when you’re feeling emotionally even or neutral if possible. This will help you to get into your observer energy, where you can gain the most wisdom.
  1. Open your journal and think back over the past week or month. Zero in on the times when you experienced extreme negative emotions, like frustration, rage, or fear. Also note times when you felt intense positive emotions, like peace, gratitude, or excitement.
  2. Now let your emotions guide you to your truth by dialoguing with them. Ask your anger what it was trying to tell you: Did someone cross your boundary? Did you disappoint yourself? Now chat with your joy: Was a hobby like painting or writing making you intensely happy? Did it feel really good to get a break from the kids?
  3. Brainstorm action steps. Do these truths inspire you to change your routines or even your relationships? Maybe it makes you want to re-prioritize or have a tough talk. Your truth probably makes you want to take some sort of action, because truth-telling is very empowering!


Being honest with yourself is a beautiful form of self-love. Here’s some more advice on how to deepen your relationship with yourself.

We hope this post inspires and ignites an energy within you to make a change. Living truthfully and freely is the only way to live. Start by believing in yourself.