Summer Travel Tips + Essentials to Pack

Summer is FINALLY here (hooray) and with that comes travel and fun in the sun no doubt. With all the planning and traveling, it’s important to continue to stay focused on your health while keeping up a self care routine amidst the exciting adventures.

In today’s post we share some important summer wellness reminders + travel tips that will keep you balanced all summer long!

Rule #1 – Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Summer is hot so it’s important to drink LOTS OF WATER! Your lean body mass is made up of 70% to 75% water so you must remember to drink up. One of our favorite tips is to  infuse your water. Lavender lemon, strawberry mint, the options are endless and the fruits, veggies and herbs add extra nutrients which is awesome. Here are some Infused water recipes.

Photo: Eating Bird Food

Getting enough water during the summer is key when temps are high and you’re perspiring more than usual which causes water loss. Replenishing with water and electrolyte drinks is a essential but there are also some key foods that can help hydrate you as well.

Top Hydrating Foods – % of H2O listed

  • Watermelon & cucumber – 96%
  • Pineapple, blueberries, celery, lettuce – 95%
  • Tomatoes – 94%
  • Cantaloupe – 92%
  • Grapefruit – 90%
  • Pears – 89%


According to the Institute of Medicine, 80% of water intake comes from drinking liquids while 20% comes from food. Adding hydration-rich foods can help boost the water intake with the added bonus of getting more electrolytes, fiber and vitamins.

Rule #2 – Keep Up with Self Care While Traveling

Traveling is good for the soul. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it’s also a time when you get to mix up your routine and try new things. Variety is the spice of life so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. However, when traveling and mixing up your routine, don’t forget to take time for yourself.

Everyone needs self care – FOR SURE. Take time for yourself and find harmony, even while traveling. Here are some travel harmony tips:

Before your day begins, take time to clear your mind and breathe. It’s exhilarating to start your day fresh and rejuvenated. An app that will get your meditation on from anywhere is SimplyBeing, providing guided mediations right from your phone.

Get Outdoors
Wherever your travels take you, the great outdoors is at your finger tips. Whether you’re white water rafting the Colorado River or taking a calm nature walk, fresh air helps to de-stress.

Writing down your thoughts or goals helps to sharpen the mind, focus your intentions and ignite you inner strength. Taking time to write down your thoughts helps to channel your energy and inspire you. Take the time, it’s liberating.


What to Eat on The Road

Even amidst your exciting travel adventures, don’t lose site of your normal eating habits. It’s easy to incorporate them, even on the road. You just have to plan a little bit in advance.

  • Celery sticks & gluten free crackers with hummus
  • Apples with nut butter
  • Fresh fruit galore
  • Nuts, seeds, grain free granola
  • Boiled eggs

Non-Perishable Food Options

No cooler? No problem. If you’re traveling with limited access to refrigeration, these nutrient-packed foods will have your back. Thrive Market has your back and is stocked with thousands of items just waiting to be packed for a vacay getaway!

  • Jerky – there are so many options here, just make sure you read the labels & if you’re vegan or vegetarian, try coconut jerky from Cocoburg.
  • Bars – easy to pack and easy to eat; try RX Bar, Lara Bar, Go Macro, No Cow, or Garden of Life Sport – all are soy-free & provide sustainable energy + protein
  • Nut packs – squeeze and go with Justin’s on-the-go squeeze packets. Love!
  • Baby Food pouches – again, squeeze and go! An easy way to get in fruits, greens and fiber. We love Once Upon A Farm but they must stay refrigerated so see what’s on your local market’s shelves and stock up.

Exercising 3 Times a Week

Exercising can be challenging when traveling and it’s easy to fall out of routine. Here are some ways to squeeze in a workout and keep you motivated even if you’re on the go.


Research Ahead
When planning your trip, research the area before you arrive. Pick a day or two and make it happen. A morning run on the beach, sunrise SUP yoga class, an afternoon bike ride… you’ve got this! It also gives you an opportunity to try out something new.

Get Creative
There are so many apps or streaming websites that will allow you to bring classes with you on the go. All you need is your phone or laptop. YogaGlo is one of our favorite streaming yoga sites.

Go-To Product Essentials For Travel

Somehow we all end up over packing, but when you’re thinking of key things to squeeze into that suitcase or purse, these products should be a necessity.

Here are our top five essentials summer picks:


  1.  All Good SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen Lotion, Water Resistant – Why we love it: The key ingredient is zinc oxide which is non carcinogenic and natural. It leaves little residue and is eco-friendly.
  2. MARIO BADESCU – Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. Why we love it: A refreshing mist perfect for dry plane air and offers natural, replenishing hydration.
  3. EOS Active Lip Balm Why we love it: This little guy fits in any purse and offers SPF 30 with soothing aloe. Plus, it is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and gluten free.
  4. DEMETER Fragrance Library Cherry Blossom Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray Roller Ball Why we love it: 95% natural ingredients, never tested on animals and no Pthalates. They use Coconut Oil and Palm Kernel Oil to make a natural, long lasting scent.
  5. Primally Pure Lavender Deodorant Why we love it: This natural deodorant is effective at keeping you fresh using baking soda, kaolin clay a powerful detoxifier and non-nano zinc oxide which soothes irritation and combats odor.

Summer is a time to explore, to be adventurous and to create new memories. No matter where your travels take you, you can still maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Share your travel tips with us. You know we always love hearing from you!