Nourishing Detox Soups

We absolutely LOVE warm, nourishing soups this time of year and it’s really one of the best ways to pack in all those phytonutrients your body is craving. In today’s post we share some of our favorite detoxifying soups that will keep you going strong all winter long.

What’s our recommendation for staying healthy, happy and balanced this winter season? That’s easy. Focus on maintaining a regular exercise routine and keep consuming those greens! Both are essential. If you usually exercise outside and it’s just too cold, try subscribing to an online streaming service. There are so many to chose from these days and they’re all very affordable. Check out YogaGlo, Daily Burn, Pilatesology, or Booya Fitness.

Okay, so let’s get back to those detoxifying soups.


Glowing Greens Detox Soup 

This detox soup is nourishing & power-packed with phytonutrients to help cleanse the body. Greens aid in the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification process so get creative and add a variety of seasonal greens in addition to the spinach. Think kale, chard, cabbage, the more the merrier! Get the recipe here.

Power Green Soup 

This soup is packed full of herbs, Swiss chard, kale and liver-supporting lemon. If you’re looking to cleanse and restore the body plus boost your immune system, this soup is a must try. Get the recipe here.

Photo credit: Eva Kolenko

Winter Detox Moroccan Soup

A Moroccan sweet potato lentil soup recipe that’s as delicious as it looks. This nourishing soup is made in the slow cooker and requires hardly any work at all. Plus, it makes the whole house smell incredible! Get the recipe here.

Photo credit: Marzia Aziz

Green Soup

A soup that’s filled with over a day’s worth of vegetables is perfect for anyone looking for a reset, but a green detox soup that actually fills you up is just too good to pass up. This soup combines onions, garlic, kale, Swiss chard, arugula, chard, mushrooms, and so much more. Get the recipe here.

Photo credit: Darren Muir

Leek, Fennel & Celery Soup with Lentils

According to the creator of this soup, “the vegetables in this soup have diuretic properties that help eliminate excess water in the body. This protein-packed green soup has tons of nutrients your body will love. Swap out the vegetable stock for bone broth for added gut-healing benefits. Get the recipe here.


Consider batch cooking to have extra on hand for freezing. Soups and stews freeze really well. A little thaw, reheat and voila!

Do you have a favorite nourishing + detoxifying soup recipe that you’d like to share with us? Share a link in the comments below!

The Blendtopia Team