5 Quick and Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas

Coming up with keto breakfast recipes that are low carb, quick, and easy can be a little tricky. After all, many traditional breakfast foods—think cereal, toast, bagels, and granola bars—are jam-packed with carbohydrates, which are pretty much off-limits on a low-carb diet. What is a keto dieter who’s short on time in the mornings supposed to eat?

crispy bacon for keto breakfast recipes with cream cheese, keto pancakes, keto bread and scrambled eggs

If you’ve found yourself skipping breakfast or grabbing a hard-boiled egg on your way out the door simply because you don’t know any other quick and easy options, you’ve come to the right place.  Crispy bacon and fluffy scrambled eggs are great for a lazy weekend brunch, but many of us need a quicker morning meal that is low carb with lots of healthy fats.  

In this article, we’ll be discussing what ideal keto breakfast recipes look like and sharing five easy keto breakfast ideas that take just a few minutes to make. Mornings just got a whole lot easier (and tastier!).

scrambled eggs keto breakfast recipes with cream cheese, keto pancakes and keto bread

What Is the Keto Diet?

For those unfamiliar with keto, it’s a low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, high-fat eating plan. People on the keto diet drastically restrict carbs from all sources, including fruits and starchy vegetables, with the goal of consuming less than 50 grams of carbs per day.  

Why Does the Keto Diet Restrict Carbs?

Carbs are the main source of fuel for the body. By restricting carbs, the body enters a metabolic state called ketosis in which it burns fat stores for fuel. When in ketosis, the liver produces an alternative fuel called ketones, which becomes the primary source of energy for the body.

Being in a state of ketosis has been shown to offer many health benefits, including weight loss, more stable energy, improved blood sugar control, enhanced brain health, and reduced cravings.[*][*][*][*]

low carb best keto breakfast recipes with healthy fats and almond flour, shredded cheese

What Is an Ideal Keto Breakfast?

People following the keto diet consume about 60 percent of their daily calories from fat, 30 percent from protein, and 10 percent from carbs. As such, an ideal keto breakfast should roughly fall within these macronutrient percentages.

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Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas

To give you an idea of what those macros look like in breakfast form, we’ve rounded up a handful of healthy, energizing, and popular keto breakfast recipes that can easily fit into your busy morning routine. As a bonus, all of these options are portable and can be eaten in the car, on the bus, on your walk to work—almost anywhere!  

easy keto breakfast ideas with almond flour, coconut flour and cheddar cheese for gluten free keto muffins

1.   Low Carb Keto Breakfast:  Keto Overnight “Oats”

A common question new keto dieters have is, “Can I eat oatmeal on keto?” While traditional oat-based oatmeal is not permitted due to its high carb content, you can easily make a delicious keto-friendly version using chia seeds, hemp seeds, and almond milk.

Keto overnight oats require minimal ingredients, yet provide a big dose of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and other nutrients to get your day started on the right foot. When chia seeds are soaked in almond milk overnight, they expand, forming a thick, creamy pudding. The soaked hemp seeds add a nice texture reminiscent of traditional oatmeal.

These keto oats will keep well in the refrigerator, covered, for about five days. They’re super simple to make, easy to customize to your tastes, and great for taking on the go.  One of our favorite keto breakfast recipes! 

Get the recipe here.

keto green smoothies for low carb breakfast and no fried egg or hard boiled eggs

2.   Low Carb Keto Breakfast:  Low-Carb Smoothies

Refreshing keto-friendly smoothies are a quick and easy way to start your day with a powerful nutritional punch. Unlike a typical fruit-filled smoothie, a keto smoothie will only include low-carb ingredients that can easily fit into your targeted keto macros.   

While you can opt to buy all of the smoothie ingredients, wash the produce, and chop everything up, that can be a bit time-consuming. A quicker, easier option is to use pre-portioned smoothie pouches from Blendtopia.

Blendtopia offers three keto smoothie options—Keto Green Smoothie, Keto Berry Smoothie, and Keto Chocolate Chai Smoothie—all of which are keto certified through the Paleo Foundation. We also offer a Keto Smoothie Variety Box, which includes 12 pre-selected keto-friendly smoothies.

Each kit contains organic frozen fruits and veggies, as well as other healthy superfoods, such as organic milled flax seeds, organic MCT oil, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic ground ginger. All you have to do is empty the contents of the smoothie pouch into your blender, add 12-14 ounces of keto-friendly liquid, and press blend! It doesn’t get much easier or more nutritious than that.

Let's be honest, these are our favorite keto breakfast recipes :) 

low carb breakfast ingredients for easy keto breakfast meal prep with maple syrup

3.   Low Carb Keto Breakfast:  Egg Muffin Cups

Egg muffin cups are a great low-carb, make-ahead breakfast that you can easily eat on the go. They last for about a week in the fridge, but also freeze well and are easy to make in bulk. You can do meal prep on Sunday and have a tasty, protein-and-fat-packed breakfast ready for the entire week. Just pop one in the microwave for a minute and head out the door.

You can even customize this recipe by using whatever cheese and low-carb veggies you have in your fridge.  More mobile than scrambled eggs, this keto egg dish is a great change-up for your keto breakfast recipes.  

Get the recipe here.

staple breakfast ingredients for near sugar free and gluten free breakfast with low carb bread

4.   Low Carb Keto Breakfast:  Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding for breakfast? Yes, please! This pudding made with a base of avocado and coconut milk tastes so decadent, yet only requires five simple keto-friendly ingredients. It has a silky smooth texture and a rich chocolate flavor that both adults and kids are sure to enjoy. This healthy keto breakfast can be whipped up in just a few minutes!

Get the recipe here.

5.   Low Carb Keto Breakfast:  Mason Jar Omelets

While omelets make for a great keto breakfast, making one on a busy morning sounds like a daunting task. That’s where mason jar omelets come in. For this recipe, you simply add your omelet ingredients to a mason jar, shake it up (with the lid on), and place it in the microwave (without the lid) for four minutes.

You can then place the lid back on the mason jar and take your omelet with you as you dash out the door.  This is a quick, easy, low carb keto breakfast recipe to help you rock the ketogenic diet!  

Get the recipe here.

Start your day off on a healthy (and easy!) foot

Figuring out what to eat for breakfast on the keto diet can take some getting used to, especially if you’re in need of quick, portable options. Fortunately, there are plenty of healthy keto breakfasts that you can whip up in just a couple of minutes or even have on hand so you can simply grab and go.

From nutrient-rich smoothies to creamy avocado pudding, these breakfast options will not only satisfy your nutrient requirements but also your taste buds. Mix up your breakfasts frequently to ensure you’re feeding your body all the nutrients you need to feel and function your best.


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