6 DIY Natural Cleaners & Sanitizers You Can Make Yourself From Home

Nationally, the shelves have been bare of certain essentials for a while now. It’s confusing, frustrating and more than a little anxiety-provoking. But even though some things can’t be made at home (I’m looking at you, toilet paper) there are so many options for making your own DIY natural cleaning products at home, using what you have on hand.

That means no waiting in line to get into the store, no desperate hunt to find that one last package of hand sanitizer, and more importantly of all…making DIY versions of these products means you can stay home more.

I know, I miss getting out of the house too, but while we have to all stay home we might as well do some DIYs!

1. Make a natural all-purpose cleaner

Cleaners are much easier than you’d expect. A homemade all-purpose cleaner can be made with natural ingredients, meaning fewer mystery chemicals on your countertops. Plus, you can make them with materials you probably already have in your pantry! So why not?

Here are several natural options to get you started:

But wait, what if you don’t have any new spray bottles on hand? You can re-use old cleaner spray bottles to make your own cleaners. This way not only do you have to go out to buy spray bottles, but you’re reducing your environmental impact!

2. DIY a disinfectant spray

Keeping things sanitary is SO important right now! While the shelves are bare of cleaners and disinfectants, you can still make your own sprays that disinfect just as well, without needing to leave the house. Here’s my favorite recipe:

3. Make homemade hand sanitizer

Oh, hand sanitizer…we never knew how much we’d miss you. I’ve never in my life been more aware of how many germs could be on any given surface. Good thing hand sanitizer is probably the easiest and most important item on this list. Homemade hand sanitizer can be made easily with things you already have in your cabinets.

4. DIY wet wipes

Think you can’t make your own wet wipes? Think again! You can make wet wipes with materials you already have on hand.

5. Switch to cloth napkins and kitchen towels

Now hear me out – I love a good easy-to-use paper towel as much as the next girl. But they’re also hard to find at the moment, and we won’t even get into the environmental impact they have.

Now while paper towels are scarce, is the perfect time to make your own reusable kitchen towels and cloth napkins. You can always buy these in bulk on Amazon, but you can also easily make DIY versions to use in your own kitchen. Dish towels and napkins are some of the easiest beginner sewing projects, but there are also no-sew DIY options.

No quilter’s fabric stash to pull from? No problem! These projects can also be done with any repurposed cotton fabric. Old bedsheets, pillowcases, or clothing are all great sources of fabric for these hard-working DIYs.

6. Make your own face masks

Right now, the CDC recommends that all Americans wear face masks if going out in public, but none of us want to take precious masks from those who need them most; Our medical professionals. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without one yourself, these face masks are actually really easy to DIY, weather you have sewing skills or not.

Just remember, not all fabrics are created equal when it comes to protecting you against illness. The CDC has some guidelines about what kinds of fabric make an effective face mask, so please make sure your fabric will actually protect you.

I hope these natural cleaner and sanitizer DIYs were helpful to you! If you want to read more tips to help you keep yourself mentally and physically healthy during this difficult time, you might like these blog posts:

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Stay safe, stay healthy & spread virtual love!