Blendtopia: Two Smoothie Blends ‘Refreshed’

Blendtopia launches two newly reformulated superfood smoothie blends on October 1st. Two current favorites, GLOW and CLEAN, have been given mini-makeovers and we’re thrilled for you to give them a whirl in that blender of yours!

The Blendtopia Difference

If you know Blendtopia, you know the science behind our blends is just as important as the ingredients that go into them. Developed for taste + function, each smoothie is uniquely formulated to target a specific health benefit, offering ‘purpose-driven’ smoothies with functional benefits.


GLOW ‘Reformulated’

With each of our blends, the name is the primary function. So GLOW provides a bounty of nutrient rich ‘beauty’ ingredients including plant-based collagen boosters for healthier looking skin, hair and nails. It’s loaded with vitamin C, silica, healthy fats, powerful antioxidants and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties thanks to black pepper + turmeric.

Our formulation didn’t change much (so not to worry) but we did AMP UP the beautifying properties with what we believe is the NEXT buzzworthy collagen-boosting superhero, BAMBOO

CLEAN ‘Reformulated’

CLEAN is a lean, mean detox machine for your body. It helps to remove all those unwanted toxins while delivering high levels of vitamin C, antioxidants and phytonutrients. It helps you to power up and burn clean while supporting your gut health with the addition of a powerful triple-strain of probiotics.

The probiotics are balanced by fresh ginger which acts as the prebiotic fiber ‘fuel’ for the probiotic strains. Just like in GLOW, with no black pepper, the turmeric can’t fight it’s inflammation battles. With CLEAN, if there’s no prebiotic fibers, the probiotics can’t work their magic. 

Introducing the Super Pack

Also out October 1st, our new SUPER PACK. You asked, we delivered! This set includes 16 smoothies, two of each of our eight blends. We know, it’s hard to choose blends so now you don’t have to.

And of course we always have our 7-DAY CLEANSE online for those wanting to try our unique twist on a powerful week-long cleanse that will have you feeling 100% better than ANY juice cleanse on the market. Bold statement, we know. That’s how confident we are that you’ll LOVE it!

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