Feeling Tired or Run Down?

Are you finding yourself running low on steam? You may not know that your adrenaline system runs on salt. If your body is depleted of the ‘good salts’ then you may feel exhausted and not know why. Salt also rehydrates the brain. Our body fluids resemble sea salt so replenishing our bodies plays a huge role in finding balance. BUT… stay AWAY from table salt. It’s really not even salt at all. It’s highly processed and refined, contains iodine and has been stripped of any of it’s natural minerals. 

Buy in-store or online, a premium salt and you’ll be in business. Pink Himalayan and natural sea salts are both great choices. I have and use both daily and love them. 

So what do you do? You need to drink a mild saline blend to hydrate the body. The salt to water ratio is really to your desired taste. Find a nice balance that works for you!