Green Smoothie Cleanse

Too much indulging over the holidays? It’s so easy to do. It’s always a great idea to start the new year off on the right foot. Kickstart clean eating the same time you’re kickstarting those new year’s resolutions. Our 7-Day Reset Cleanse is the perfect way to reset, restore and renew for a new you!

If you’ve never done a green detox smoothie cleanse read on. We’ll share why it’s a better alternative to a juice cleanse along with ‘how-to’ instructions for getting started.

So what makes a green smoothie cleanse so great? For starters, green smoothies give you wonderful natural fiber from the fruits and veggies plus a wealth of phytonutrients and live enzymes. Fiber is extremely important when it comes to cleansing. The benefits of natural fiber from green smoothies include keeping you regular, clearing cholesterol out of your system, maintaining balanced blood-sugar levels and helping to prevent food cravings and energy crashes.


You’ve more than likely tried a juice cleanse in the past and maybe you loved it… or maybe you didn’t?! We’ve adapted the traditional cleanse into a version that we believe is healthier and more manageable way to reset and restore the body.

Our 7-Day Healthy Reset Cleanse is different from a tradition juice cleanse in that we focus on slowing the digestion process rather than stopping it completely. So no, it’s not a fasting cleanse. Since the fiber stays intact, it not only keeps you satisfied but it also aids in proper digestion by carrying the waste and toxins out of the body. Consuming our ready-to-blend superfood smoothies still allows your organs and digestive system to rest because our raw, organic plant-based ingredients are very easily digestible.

Why do we love our GREEN SMOOTHIE CLEANSE so much?

– Whole Foods means absolutely NO WASTE. This is number one in our book!
– Superfood-infused gives you a boost of wildly nutrient-dense nutrition in each blend.
– 100% organic goodness – enough said.


So here’s a tip, why not CLEANSE with a friend?

Cleansing is far better with friends! Studies prove that your success rate will be much higher if you enlist a partner on your journey to wellness. So gather your friends, family members or colleagues and join forces.

1. Order your cleanse and begin on the same day.
2. Combine forces and map out your vegan dinners by sharing recipes and ideas.
3. Set your fitness goals for the week and help each other to reach those goals!
2. Keep of journal of how you’re feeling and write anything down along the way that might be beneficial to you or your friend for the next go around including recipe ideas.

So THINK GREEN as you embark on a new year! Ask yourself if a green smoothie cleanse is the best way for you to reset, rebalance and renew your body. And remember, living healthy is a balanced lifestyle that combines many factors. Find your balance.


Cheers to a healthy, happy, LEAN, MEAN & GREEN New Year! Be Whole. Be Well. Be Super.