Smoothies vs. Juice

It’s important to be educated on the difference between smoothies and juicing, especially if you’re a regular consumer of either (or both)! There are juiceries on virtually every corner these days so how do you differentiate? Well, first off, cold pressed is best, organic is ideal and in moderation is key. 

The biggest difference between smoothies and juice is the omission of fiber in juice. Fiber is a crucial benefit of fruits and veggies and your body needs it to keep you regular, to clear cholesterol out of your system, to maintain balanced blood-sugar levels and to help prevent food cravings and energy crashes. If you’re missing out on all that stuff then what are you really drinking?

Because of the omission of fiber in juice, the natural sugars from the juice hit your bloodstream within a matter of minutes causing a sugar high. AND… you may or may not know that your go-to ‘green juice’ isn’t  being absorbed the way you really want it to b/c certain vitamins (like vitamin A) are fat-soluble which means they need to be consumed with fat in order for your body to efficiently absorb them.  

I’m not saying to stop consuming your favorite juice but just be aware and drink in moderation. 


1. Great to keep you feeling full because of the fiber

2. Although there’s fiber, it’s broken down in the blending process which reduces the     effort on your digestive system

3. Steady release of nutrients into the blood stream 

4. Less likely to experience headaches or blood sugar spikes thanks to the fiber

5. Helps to detoxify, especially green superfood smoothies

6. Consuming the whole food

7. No waste


1. Helps to detoxify

2. Fiber free so faster absorption of nutrients into your bloodstream. Must watch for blood sugar spikes. 

3. Good for those with sensitive digestive systems that have difficulty processing fiber

4. Gives your digestive system a complete break



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