The Astonishing Benefits of Medicinal Mushrooms

As as Holistic Nutritionist I’ve studied Ayurvedic and ancient Chinese medicine pretty in depth and continue to feed my brain with the vast knowledge that both of these ancient ‘healthcare systems’ have to teach us.

Ayurveda, meaning the ‘science of life’, is entirely holistic. The idea is to create harmony between the body, mind and spirt that will create a balance that can prevent illness, treat acute conditions and contribute to a long and healthy life.

I take quite a few holistic supplements, all with an intent and purpose, but two that I feel the need to share I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT live without… MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS + ROSE HIPS. Simple but powerful beyond measure.

Medicinal mushrooms like chaga and reishi are extremely high in antioxidants, actually the highest on the planet. They’re 45x more powerful than acai berries and over 1,000x more powerful than blueberries. Medicinal mushrooms are know to slow aging and significantly improve and strengthen your immune system. They possess anti-cancer properties (betulinic acid), they’re anti-inflammatory and help combat hormone imbalances.

I take a 14 mushroom complex that includes all of the essential mushrooms plus ROSE HIPS. Rose hips are one of the most nature forms of vitamin C. By taking the rose hips in combination with the medicinal mushrooms it actually TRIPLES THE EFFICACY (effect). As I said above, so simple but powerful beyond measure!!!


Another amazing way to take medicinal mushrooms if you have a loose powder rather than veggie capsules is to add it to your daily superfood smoothie. So easy!