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Are you up for the challenge?

What's the challenge? 

It's simple really. It's an adaptation of our 7-Day Cleanse spread out over 14 days. 

drink 1 smoothie every day for 14 days

You'll follow all the same principals that apply to our 7-Day Cleanse. Simply replace (1) meal per day (breakfast or lunch) with one of our green smoothies. 

Why should I take the challenge? 

To give your body a healthy reboot. The 7-Day Cleanse is wonderful but it's definitely a commitment. The 14-Day Green Smoothie Challenge may be more manageable while still delivering a lot of the same health benefits. It just takes a bit more time but you've got this! 

I'm In. How do I get started? 

Congrats! We're thrilled you've decided to accept the challenge. 


Click here to order. Again, you'll ONLY be drinking (1) smoothie a day so the 7-Day Cleanse kit will actually last you 14 days. 



Click here to get ALL the details. Same principals as the Cleanse but you're spreading the LOVE over 14 days. 



Enlist your friends to take the challenge with you! It's WAY more fun to do this with a friend, signifiant other or a group. Click the 'CHECK REWARDS' BUTTON (floating link - look down/left) to become a Rewards Member. You'll earn $ off and there are tons of ways to earn points. Referring a friend is a big one! 


Report back and let us know how it went after you wrap the challenge! Leave a review and send us a message (email, DM, etc). We want to hear from you! Best of luck and remember, you've GOT THIS! 

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