Join the 2022 Super You Challenge!

A healthy smoothie a day is a fantastic way to start 2022. Join our founder Tiffany Taylor in a 14-Day Wellness Challenge to kickstart clean eating in the new year!

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What's the best way to kick off the new year? With a Wellness Challenge of course! Join our 2nd Annual Blendtopia Super You Challenge and let's kickstart clean eating together.  

Replace (1) meal a day with a Blendtopia superfood smoothie for 14 days. It's that simple! You'll be blown away by how amazing your feel by the end of the challenge.  

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Hello everyone! I'm Tiffany, the founder of Blendtopia and I'm so excited to kickstart 2022 with our Super You Wellness Challenge.  

I'll be taking the 14 day challenge January 10-23rd and I'd LOVE for you to join me! I'll be sharing my journey in stories daily, offering tips to help you level up + going live for Q&A's


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Pick your start date and commit for 14 days! You'll replace (1) meal a day (breakfast or lunch) with a smoothie for 14 consecutive days. You can start on any day but I'd love it if you'd join me on Jan 16th. Make sure you have 14 smoothies on hand!  

Get yourself into a healthy mindset and make sure to incorporate Tiffany's tips to help you level up for optimal results!


Incorporate some type of physical activity daily

You want to stimulate and activate your body during this time -- keeping active is the name of the game. If you don’t have a set routine, consider downloading a simple fitness app like IntervalTimer that allows you to build a quick HITT routine.

Keep portions on the smaller side

Be more mindful during this time and make sure you have a healthy balance of food groups on your plate (load up on those veggies!)

Curb the snacking

It can be really hard, we know! But be aware of the snacking and try to eat only when hungry + opt for healthier snacking options.  

Drink your H2O

Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to help flush your system. This is key.

Eliminate to help elevate

Consider eliminating refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten and processed foods from your diet during your 14 day challenge. You won’t believe how good you’ll feel afterwards!

Consider meal prep to make your other two meals a snap

You don’t need to overthink it but for the best results by the end of day 14, you’ll want to think through your other two meals of the day. Consider batch cooking to save on time. Keep your other two meals of the day relatively light. HEAVY UP on the greens and make sure to incorporate healthy fats and clean, lean protein into your diet daily. Want some plant-based recipe ideas? Check out our rockstar Brand Ambassadors, @jackfruitfulkitchen’s library of recipes here.

Track your progress

Whether you use an app or a journal, try to utilize it daily during the 14 day challenge. Keep track of how you're feeling and what you're doing daily to stay on track. Keep the motivation going. You’ve got this!

Share your progress, stories and results with us

We want to hear how it's going. Please share your updates during your 14 days and make to tag us @blendtopia and #superyouchallenge for a CHANCE TO BE FEATURED!

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No purchase is necessary to join our Super You Challenge, but having a freezer stocked with the clean convenience of Blendtopia smoothies will make it super-easy as we take the guesswork out of your daily smoothie! Blendtopia's ready to blend smoothie kits provide the highest quality, most nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that are conventient, taste amazing and work wonders for your body.  

Step 1: Select your smoothie box
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We recommend a 16 Box or our 7-Day Cleanse box to participate in the Challenge.  

Step 2: Pick your smoothie blends
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Choose your favorite smoothie kits packed with fruits, vegetables and superfoods or choose a pre-built variety box of frozen smoothies.

Step 3: Subscribe for free shipping
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Start a weekly or monthly subscription box to get free shipping, not to mention the ongoing health benefits of plant-based ingredients.