Our ambassadors aren't just fans, they're true partners that we consider part of the Blendtopia family. They share the same core values, the same passion for health and wellness and the same 'good vibes' and positive energy that we wholeheartedly believe in. They help spread the love and we couldn't be more grateful to have them by our side. 

Jackie Akerberg
Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa
FAV FOOD/DRINK: Kale, and no I'm not kidding! Second fav would have to be fresh spring rolls and fav drinks are green smoothies, a lightly effervescent ros
é and a bold Napa cab. 
You may not always see me carrying a bag (I like to travel light) but I ALWAYS carry my 64oz reusable water bottle - I try to drink at least 2 a day!
I'D LOVE TO VISIT: My travel bucket list is LONG but Australia, Bora Bora, Maldives, Spain and Switzerland are high on the list! 
MY HAPPY PLACE: I'm an eternal optimist and can be happy literally anywhere but my happiest places have to be when I'm on the water, in Aspen, or in southern France where I got married.  
FAV EXERCISE: Cycling! You can find me on the trails 2-3x per week. I also love HIIT, pilates and barre. 
INSTAGRAM: @jackfruitfulkitchen

I'm a plant-based, gluten-free foodieI have loved cooking/vegetables my entire life and find joy in developing delicious recipes to share my love of PLANTS with the world. I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, animals, health, and wellness. I love to spend my free time cycling, sailing, skiing, hiking, diving, traveling, reading, spending time with friends and family, getting creative in the kitchen, and enjoying the great outdoors.  

Taylor Hartman
Henderson, NV

HOMETOWN: Dayton, Ohio
FAV FOOD/DRINK: Gluten-free french fries and to drink, a Matcha latte (yes please!) I have Celiac Disease so it's 100% gluten-free for me.
A good book, sunscreen (a must!) and always a gluten-free snack to keep me fueled for the day. 
I'D LOVE TO VISIT: Literally every single continent. I absolutely love to travel and want to hit them all! #bucketlist
MY HAPPY PLACE: Ahhh, that's an easy one... on the beach with a book in hand. 
FAV EXERCISE: I love yoga and walks with my dog Jax. 
INSTAGRAM: @thatssoceliac

I am an advocate for those living with celiac disease through That's So Celiac, LLC as I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in February 2018 after years of fighting for my symptoms to be heard and taken seriously. I very much enjoy creating in the kitchen, reading, traveling, and being outdoors as much as I possibly can be. 

Carita Fambro
Marietta, GA

Macon, GA
Eggs - I would eat them every day if I could! I actually prefer water most occasions unless I'm indulging; pass me a good buttery chardonnay or a crisp glass of pinot grigio and I'm happy! 
A healthy snack, a kids toy or item (#momlife) and my phone. 
I'D LOVE TO VISIT: Australia! It's been on my bucket list for years!
Anywhere near warm weather and a beach. So serene! 
FAV EXERCISE: I enjoy HIIT style training. I get bored easily and this style of training works best for my short attention span.
INSTAGRAM: @_seasonedtotaste

I’m a foodie at heart and love connecting with people over a delicious and filling meal. I enjoy creating simplified recipes, seasoned with layers of flavor. My goal is to help people overcome their fear of “managing the kitchen” and possibly introduce new foods and pairings! I enjoy using whole ingredients while creating approachable recipes perfect for busy and working families!